Rural & Agribusiness

Rural & Agribusiness

“Our team of Agribusiness and Rural Valuation experts are well regarded and strategically located around the country.”

Our expertise in this specialist sector includes:

Broad Acre Agriculture
  • Dryland mixed farming properties.
  • Dryland grazing property.
  • Large scale pastoral.
  • Intensive irrigation farms.
  • Wool and lamb fat production.
  • Forestry plantations.
  • Broad acre intensive cropping.
  • Viticulture.
  • Market gardens.
  • Stone fruit orchards.
  • Pome fruit orchards.
  • Turf farms.
  • Olive groves.
Intensive Livestock Operations
  • Dairy cattle production.
  • Feedlots.
  • Thoroughbred equine facilities.
  • Broiler/Poultry farms.
Agricultural Processing
  • Bulk grain storage.
  • Abattoirs.
Water Rights & Entitlements
  • Surface water irrigation licences.
  • Ground water irrigation licences.
  • Scheme water entitlements.
Agricultural Plant & Machinery
  • Tractors.
  • Harvesters.
  • Earth moving equipment.
  • Planting and tillage equipment.
  • Irrigation equipment.

View our Agribusiness Capability Statement here.

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