Capital Markets & Investments

Capital Markets & Investments

“60% of the worlds wealth comprises of Real Estate, Construction and Infrastructure. The Australian property markets are now measured in the Tens of Trillions of dollars.”

We provide a wide range of professional real estate services for the investment sector which are used by domestic and international decision makers.

Our investor services include:

  • Valuation (mortgage).
  • Valuation for financial and asset reporting.
  • Valuations for insurance purposes.
  • Asset management.
  • Acquisition & sale management.
  • Due diligence management.
  • Capital markets advisory.
  • Income & outgoings forecasting.
  • Transaction advisory.
  • Listed trust & syndicate funding & asset valuations.
  • Strategic rent review planning within buildings.
  • Lease provision advisory.
  • Rating and taxing valuations.
  • Infrastructure valuation and cash flow – forecasting.
  • Rent determination submissions/management.
  • Tax Depreciation Schedules.
  • Investment portfolio performance measurement review.
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