We have research covered.

Welcome to Preston Rowe Paterson’s Research page. To undertake the services that we provide it is imperative that we have a close understanding of the economy and the markets within which we operate. In our research reports we chronicle commercial office, retail, industrial as well as residential property markets.

We also, through our Transactions In Review monthly treatise, report on major transactions and property capital market raisings. In our economic reports we consider economic indicators that impact on property markets.

From time to time we also release specific issue research reports commenting on emerging issues in our markets. Our Property Valuation E Book Initiative is intended to be a chapter by chapter release of specific asset class valuation approaches and methodologies.

Property market research

We have research covered.

At Preston Rowe Paterson we pride ourselves on researching the markets within which we operate. We cover all property classifications as well as investment, owner occupied, leasing and development site markets. We hope our research is of interest.

Transactions in review

We have major transactions covered

Analysing transactions to enable us to consider and apply the data to estimating the values of other property assets is a cornerstone of our service offering. We monitor all major investment, development, owner occupied sales, major capital ratings and leasing transactions monthly.

Specific research issues

We have specific research covered

Preston Rowe Paterson are often called upon to research and analyse specific economic or market issues, this is often the case with our major valuations or consultancies. Where not commercially sensitive we share them here.

News & media

We have news & media covered

Monitoring the news and media for issues that impact on property, real estate markets, our services and the economy is an integral part of what we do. As we continue to monitor news and media on property and economics, we will express our views on any potential impacts to the property areas we deal with.

Corporate profile

Read our corporate profile and see why we have property covered

In our corporate profile we summarise our history, our services, the types of property we deal with, the client types we act for, our service locations and case studies. All are testimonial to the projects and properties we are proud to be associated with.

Subscribe to our research reports

We have research & media covered

Subscribing to our property market and economic research reports is easy! Simply follow the link to the ‘Order our Services’ page, complete the form, and we will send you an email alert each time we release our new research. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook for early notification of research releases.