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Preston Rowe Paterson was founded in 1988 to offer a superior service in the valuation and management of all forms of real estate, infrastructure, asset, plant machinery and equipment by a team of property valuers, analysts, advisers and consultants. Now, more than 30 years later, PRP has 36 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand and global partnerships in China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Dubai.

Preston Rowe Paterson Regional North Queensland was established and incorporated into our international property consultancy group in 2024 by locally based Directors Roger Hill and Brennan Leggett. Both have life long associations with the Australian rural industry. Roger has been in the Valuation industry for 20 years and specialises in the regional property markets. Brennan Leggett also has extensive experience in rural property sector and is passionate about different types of agricultural properties in North Queensland. Our Regional North Queensland Office provides property valuation services covering all regional areas throughout Northern Queensland and North Western Queensland including Boulia and Cloncurry. We also service into the Northern Territory throughout the Barkly Tablelands.

“We know that people make the difference.”

So we only engage the best professionals who are committed to delivering a superior service. Our aim is to always provide superior property advisory services, consulting and valuations, as well as property market and economic research to assist our clients to make better property decisions.

Our professional property consultants are members of the Australian Property Institute and hold Land Valuers Licenses in Queensland.

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Other Services

  • Mortgage Services
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Family Law Services
  • Taxation Services
  • Government and Statutory Services
  • Insurance and Depreciation Services

Mortgage Services

  • Mortgage valuations of existing & proposed real estate
  • Desktop assessments based on local knowledge
  • Mortgage valuations of development sites including group dwelling, multiple dwelling and land subdivisions
  • Building progress inspections
  • Investment, development and occupancy real estate advice
  • Strategic mortgage portfolio risk review
  • Mortgagee in possession valuations
  • Bank and financial institution valuation panel appointments
  • Valuation aggregator panel appointments (VALEX and VALOCITY) – B2B Connectivity

Expert Witness Services

  • Lease & rental disputes including determinations
  • Family law matters
  • Partnership disputes
  • Taxation and rating disputes
  • Compensation and resumption matters (Section 241 of LAA, Planning & Development Act)
  • Deceased estates
  • Specialist litigation support

Family Law Services

  • Portfolio assessment and valuation
  • Historical valuations (date of cohabitation)
  • PRP Senior valuers are experienced in acting as Single Expert Witness or Shadow expert
  • All valuation reports are in compliance with the Family Law Act 1975, Family Law Rules 2004 (Single Expert), Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001(Court Expert), Common law and Practice directions of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court

Taxation Services

  • Capital gains tax valuations
  • Land tax reviews
  • Valuations for GST margin scheme
  • Valuations for superannuation fund compliance
  • Stamp duty valuations
  • Tax depreciation schedules (compliant with ATO requirements)
  • Valuation-based statutory assessments returned in rates and land tax notices

Government and Statutory Services

  • Advice for property disposal and acquisitions
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Public and open space contributions
  • Asset and financial reporting valuations
  • Leasing and rental review
  • Heritage and specialised asset valuations
  • Valuations for rating and taxing purposes
  • Property portfolio analysis
  • Compulsory acquisition (resumption) and compensation valuations
  • Statutory valuation review

Insurance and Depreciation Services

  • Insurance replacement cost valuations
  • Strata Insurance replacement cost valuations
  • Insurance reinstatement cost valuations
  • All types of building insurance valuation
  • Depreciation schedules for taxation purposes

PRP Regional Northern Queensland

Roger Hill


Roger began his career as a registered valuer in 2008 specialising in regional property markets which includes rural, commercial, business, development, industrial and residential property sectors. Roger also provides advisory and consultation to pastoral (corporate investment), government, mining, indigenous and commercial clients.

Roger’s valuations are prepared for a variety of purposes including stamp duty, pre-purchase, compensation, litigation, asset management, capital gains tax, taxation, property settlement, superannuation and estate purposes.


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Brennan Leggett


Brennan has worked in the valuation industry since 2017, primarily gaining experience in rural property and also residential and commercial properties for a diverse range of purposes including mortgage security, asset reporting, acquisition, compensations assessments, family law and estate planning purposes.

Since obtaining CPV registration at the start of 2023, Brennan has continued valuations in the rural sector, servicing a large area of North and Far North Queensland. Since his registration, Brennan has also had experience with specialised rural properties including poultry farms and dairies.

Brennan is passionate about the rural industry, being raised on and working on a number of different types of agricultural properties in North Queensland prior to the commencement of his valuation career.





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An independent property valuation is a comprehensive legal report provided by a qualified, independent licensed valuer recognised by the court of law. The report determines a property’s market or rental value for lawful purposes like refinancing, mortgage, capital gains tax, and other specialised valuation requirements.

What do property valuers include in a property valuation report?
The content will vary depending on the property type and purpose, however, generally, a full property valuation report prepared by a licensed property valuer will include detailed legal and physical descriptions of the property, such as description of land and improvements, council zoning restrictions, fixtures and features and ancillary improvements. An extensive analysis of variables that contribute to the market value of the property will be carried out as part of the valuation including recent comparable sales, market evidence and overall market conditions.

Bank valuations are done as part of working out an amount of money to loan to ensure the home loan does not exceed a property’s value. This is because the property is used as security for the loan. If the borrower defaults on payments, the lender has the right to take possession and dispose of the property to recover the outstanding mortgage.

The main difference is that a property appraisal conducted by a real estate agent has no legal basis and will not stand in a legal court in Queensland. Property appraisals can be targeted towards a marketing strategy to list the property for sale. On the other hand, property valuations completed by an independent licensed valuer hold no conflict of interest and can be used to resolve legal disputes in court.

Our team of property valuers located in Queensland, use our internal systems, skills and experience to meet client requirements. We ensure due diligence is taken at every step of the process throughout a property valuation. From obtaining written agreement from our clients, undertaking a formal inspection of the property (where required), researching and analysing relevant property information and finally generating a detailed report providing rationale as to the value of the property.

PRP has some 36 offices across Australia & New Zealand. Our Regional North Queensland Office provides property valuation services covering all regional areas throughout Northern Queensland and North Western Queensland including Boulia and Cloncurry. We also service into the Northern Territory throughout the Barkly Tablelands.

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